Novus manifesto

It happens billions of times each day – people use their payment cards.

Now imagine that every time this happens there is a positive impact for our society and our planet.

With this idea in mind – Novus was born.

Look at what we have done to the world we live in. Millions of people live in extreme poverty; the natural environment is being destroyed faster than ever; division and lack of acceptance continue to reign in politics and our societies. In fact, the very future of mankind hangs in the balance.

We are losing time. We must act now, and we must act together!

The good news? The world is - quite literally - at our fingertips. With the simple tap of a card or mobile device, we have access to anything and everything. Think for a moment about the billions of choices and transactions that are made around the world every single day. Now imagine that every single one of them has the potential to make a positive impact for our society and our planet.

With this thought in mind, Novus was born.

Combining ethical values with a modern, forward-thinking approach to banking, Novus aspires to work collaboratively towards a more inclusive and sustainable future for our generation and those to come.

At Novus, we are setting the new standard for business values in the financial services sector, where care for people and our planet comes first. Every interaction with our platform is an active step towards a better world and a better life!

We are committed to raising awareness about each individual’s power to make a difference when spending their money and rewarding them for the conscious decisions they make. And we will be committed to making the same when it comes to managing our member’s finances, where our goal will be to help them do well financially by doing good to our planet and society.

As a values-based organisation, we bring an empathetic and considered approach to our operations. Our six core values of care, empowerment, education, foresight, trust and community drive us towards our bold future vision.

Our vision is to become the Super App of choice for the growing conscious consumer segment; to promote, inspire and create meaningful change in the world. After all, one small thing done a million times has the potential to create true impact!

Join our movement! The bigger the community the bigger the impact!

  • Community

    Our community is our family – we listen actively and build our solution collaboratively

  • Empowerment

    We empower our community to create impact and live consciously

  • Trust

    Security and transparency is our maxim for trust

  • Care

    … for our customers, our society and our planet

  • Foresight

    We strive to build a vision that is economically sustainable for centuries to come

  • Education

    We raise awareness for global issues and the power of sustainable consumption